Exclusive interview with Paul Smith : The Digital Era

Exclusive interview with Paul Smith His story, life and future in 10 episodes 9. Paul Smith : The Digital EraInterview with Paul Smith :I have an Instagram account which I do personally. I’m always getting into trouble with my staff because it’s never about fashion, it’s always about a tree or a church, or something, but of course all the people adore that. What had happened because all the world is homogenized now, Instagram was originally like a visual diary, and now it’s a tool for the big brands to show the latest shoe or something. So in a way it cancels itself out, it doesn’t become special because everybody is doing it. In terms of my personal life I don’t have an email address, nor does my wife, we don’t have a computer, she doesn’t even have a telephone, it’s not because we are luddite, we are not stone age, it’s because we have a good office with lots of people, the company is very modern in communication and IT, just personally if I had to spend the whole day on the computer, I would never do any work. (Music free : Bandit & Nikit)

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