Paul Smith : collection spring-summer 2017 in London

Designer : Paul SmithMood : Industrial warehouse situated just behind the renound station Kings Cross, a district undergoing rehabilitation. Paul Smith chose to add planted flowers in the ground to soften the metallic aspect and because they are also found at the heart of his collection, either embroidered or hand painted. A very summery and relaxed figure.Focus on : The first loose coatThe teddy blousons or the quilted jackets which are attached with knots Sarouel trousers, silk dresses ready to be slipped onTo note: The new loose suit with the jacket attaching by a bow on the side EspadrillesInterview with Paul Smith:We are in kings cross, you know in kings cross in London now, right by the Eurostar station and St Pancreas station, it is really changing enormously; so we are in the building here and it's quite minimal, so for the space what I have done is put lots of wild flowers in to make the place look a lot more romantic and more summery.For so many times I’ve done an androgynous collection which is very masculine, which, I of course still do, if you come to my show room you will still find the beautiful suits and white shirts for women but it’s a show so there are 32 outfits which are very colorful, lots of okra and pink and white and a lot of print and embroidery, big shapes, fluid, easy; big shapes that’s the most important thing.I think a modern woman needs to be able to move, needs to not have to keep doing things to the clothes you know. You need to be able to move in the clothes, have room, you don’t have to keep adjusting them and that’s what I hope you’ve got with that.You know I’ve got my rabbit of course every year my wife gives me a new rabbit this year’s one looks like super rabbit!Music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)

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