Paul Smith - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Paris (with itw)

Within the atrium of the Bourse de Commerce building in Paris, a colourfully carpeted arena serves as the setting for Paul Smith’s latest menswear collection. The designer pays tribute to ‘The Doors’ (whose music acts as the show’s soundtrack) and other West Coast rock bands, notably through Naïve-style flamingo and palm tree prints on jumpers worn over leather trousers. Classic, enveloping overcoats are teamed with scarves and shoes adorned with sequins, scatterings of which are found on shirt shoulders. Music notes dance on jacquard jumpers, coats and socks. Paul Smith continues to translate his love of rock onto essential pieces created in materials that are luxurious, comfortable and above all, functional.Interview:Paul Smith:It was really based on my love of ‘The Doors’ and Jim Morrison and he would have been 70 in December so it was like a 70th anniversary of ‘The Doors’ and I saw them live and I liked that whole era. What I have found really interesting is that a lot of my young staff in the design room are starting to listen to the music that I listened to when I was young and it just occurred to me that it was a really good time to bring this back.All of the fabrics were made especially for the show so that was really excited to do. If you look closely, you will find music notes and the flamingo and there will be a lot of interesting things hidden in there.A lot of the musicians from the West Coast like ‘The Eagles’ and ‘The Doors’ would wear Western shirts but they often had embroidery or sequins on them.Music from the show

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